Sound Gloves – ideas

Illustration by Carmen

For our project, we would like to develop a wearable musical instrument, Sound Gloves, which embeds an arduino lilypad, a speaker, a piezo, some electronics and sensors in a pair of gloves. To make music, simply wear the gloves and move hands in the air in certain ways or position hands in contact with different materials or surfaces. Our concept for this work is to present it in a performance context where all group members (Carmen, Minna, Chi-Hsia) wear these gloves and move around in the performance space to interact with each other and with the audience. The proposed idea of embedding all components on the gloves will not only enables the performer to walk around freely (not constrained to cables), but it will also allow the sound we make to travel in space, in which each performer will be more than a performer, as she also becomes a sound object.

Why Gloves?
• Input/Out all embedded on the gloves
• Flexible, easy to wear and take off
• Interaction:
Natural movements for hands and arms
– Hands distance
– Position hands in contact with different materials, surfaces, objects
With the audience – distance and contact
3 Pairs Gloves -> 3 Instruments
1.Continuous   (theremin)
lilypad, distance sensor
2.Rhythmic   (castanet)
lilypad, switch (conductive threads), accelerometer sensor
3. Amplified sound
piezo (as contact microphone)
Speaker + Amplifier: LN386N (5k resistor, 3.7V)