About group collaboration.

I thought it might be good to give you some hints to collaborate online with your group. There is a plethora of different ways to do this, and whatever you find that suits your interests best is probably best for you. And then best way of course is to see in Real Life.
Anyway, I have found out that google docs is a pretty nice way to sketch out ideas together. It allows many people working on the document at the same time, and with comments it’s easy to have discussions on the side. It’s a simple and obvious choice, but it works.
For mind mapping there is again many choices, but if you want free and online then mindmeister might be worth a check. On mac you can get some nice mind map software for free or at low price from the ac app store just by searching mind maps. They can even sync to your iOS device. I guess something like that exists too in the Android world.
Also when making the mind map and when you have some rough idea sketched, it’s good to start mind mapping the techniques you might need in your work. What kind of sensors/actuators I might need. What kind of programming this project needs. If your projects connects to the internet, then you probably need to do some web programming too, and that is good to notice and add to your work list. So when you have done mapping these, you have some idea of what is needed for your work and you can start learning and requesting these topics from us too.
So I hope these get you started and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.