Wearable electronics:

Very good website with a large collection of different wearable techniques
Nice (and a bit weird) talk on TED on wearable communication by Kate Hartman
Wearables links list
DIY Fabric speakers
Fashionin Tech, Blog about wearable electronics
How to Get what you want, good collection of places to find conductive threads, fabric, etc.
Frogr, E-textile lilypad shield.
SparkFun for conductive thread, Lilypads, etc.
Plug and Wear for Velostat (for making pressure sensors), conductive thread and fabric. Also Lilypads + other goodies.
Less EMF for conductive fabrics.

Arduino tutorials:

Very good tutorials covering Arduino from zero to pretty much everything.
Large index of arduino knowledge
Introduction to arduino comic
Arduino To iPhone Galvanic Skin Sensor

Xbee stuff:

Xbee internet gateway, xbee to internet.
A “Minimal” Arduino/XBee/Pachube Sensor Network
Wireless or not! Flowchart to help to decide what to use.
Adidas xbee shoes
How to program an ATtiny45 or ATtiny85 microcontroller using the Arduino software and hardware.


LED Kimono. Artwork by Miya Masaoka.
Videos from Eyeo-festival. Lots of interesting stuff here, not strictly connected to wearable electronics.
ThingSpeak, an open application platform designed to enable meaningful connection between things and people.

Basic electronics:

Tutorial to Li-Ion Batteries
Ohm’s Law
All about batteries
LiPoly Tutorial
How to use multimeter video


Programming Interactivity: Unlock the Power of Arduino, Processing, and OpenFrameworks, This is a very good book, covering a lots of topics, from dealing with all sorts of sensors, motors, etc to learning to program on arduino, processing and Open Frameworks. Recommended if you are at all interested on building and programming interactivity.
Fashioning technology: A DIY into smart crafting
Switch craft: battery powered cratfs to make and sew
Getting Started with Arduino
Building Wireless Sensor Networks: with ZigBee, XBee, Arduino, and Processing, this books concentrates on xbee series 2, and is good if you’re interested in xbee networks. In the course we will focus on xbee series 1 and only 2-point communication
Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery, quite good book to learn basic electronics

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