Get the Right Tool for Your Site

We often hear that paid marketing programs can’t work for bloggers. However, these programs are a necessity for anyone who wants to rank their site in Google search results.

How Google Analytics Can Build Your Web Presence - Online Marketing  Institute

The right tools can increase your search traffic, bring more traffic, and increase your income.

Write Content in a Creative and Effective Way

The most important part of any content strategy is the written content. There is no point in putting all your effort into creating an epic essay if the written content isn’t engaging, check and start learning why content is important for your brand.

If you have a unique style, then you should think of other ways to engage your readers and build your brand. Try something different and write more engaging content.

Create a Value Proposition

This could be a value-add for your niche, for a product or service you sell, or for your website’s visitor’s overall experience.

We often hear about content marketing strategies and value propositions being overused. However, the reason for it being a waste of time is because you shouldn’t focus on creating the best content for your niche when you’re trying to rank.


Because it’s hard enough to create the best content for your niche. Focus on creating the best content for the experience your readers have with your website.

The value-add you put in your value proposition can either enhance the value of your article or it can raise your bounce rate.

Choose a Custom Domain

One of the best ways to attract new visitors is by giving them a domain they can use to reach your website.

It might be your own website. If not, then why not.

If you’ve already got a domain you could register a guest blog post that mentions it. Just start with that, then go from there.