Performance Garment concept

Our wearable project takes its inspiration from the sculptural, mobile body of the dancer Alpo Aaltokoski. We have designed a garment, which, in a combination of human and animal hair suggests a beginning of a story. In addition, the garment is embedded with a number of sensors and motorized elements, which augment the boundaries of the dancer’s body and its mobility. The resulting collaborative work is an exploration into materiality and movement, feedback circuits between the human body and computing, and the use of electrically enhanced textile constructions for sensing the body.




Galvanic Skin Response sensor

I promised Heidi some info about making a Galvanic Skin Response sensor, like the one I used to measure skin conductivity in the Greetometer Glove to test the sweatiness of the wearer’s hands.

I used the instructions and code on this blog post:
If you don’t want to use processing, you can just do a simple Serial.println() in the Arduino serial monitor.

And I made my own electrodes out of coins, like in the example:

In the final project I soldered crimping beads onto the coins.  They need to be polished now and then.

The cool thing about skin conductivity is that it indicates more than just humidity on the skin.  If you try the example in the link above and breathe in sharply (as if surprised) while testing, you’ll see a change in the readings.  Combined with other measurements (movements, heart-rate, etc) you can start to detect stress levels.