Sound Gloves

photo taken by Y-J Lin.

Our project, Sound Gloves (2011), initiated with a goal to create a sound performance that explore the ideas of movement space, performance space, performer gesture, and performer-audience interactions. This project results with three different pairs of gloves musical instruments, Touch Sound Gloves, Castanet Gloves, and Theremin Gloves.

The electronic parts in Sound Gloves are used in simple configurations. The parts include piezos, accelerometer sensors, ultrasonic range finder sensors, potentiometers, thin speakers, LilyPad, Polymer Lithium Ion batteries, 3-volt Lithium coin cell batteries, audio power amplifier circuits with LM368, and conductive threads. The use of conductive threads caused too much resistance to power, thus wire was replaced instead of conductive threads for the connection between the amplifier and the speakers.

The first public performance, Sound Gloves Impro 1, was presented in Muu Gallery. This performance was organised as a structured improvisation for three performers, who were also project members involved throughout the design process. After the performance, all three performers felt very engaged in the performance. The freedom to able to walk around into the audience area, allowed direct physical interaction with the audience. The performers were able to make eye contact and exchange smiles with the audience. These small connections somehow made the performance experience more inviting and engaging. Future works considered include exploring other techniques to improve the sound aspect.