Defensive Dress Progress

A little update on what we have been doing.

The first test of thermochromic textiles. We tried to test different materials as the heating element. These small patches were woven by hand with various metallic threads and silk thread dyed with the thermochromic ink.

Here is the actual thread we are going to use:

The picture below shows us measuring the length and type of resistance wire we can use. We had two types of wire: 0.3 mm and 0.4 mm. It seems that we need about 300 mA of current to heat the wire to a point where it reacts with the threads dyed with thermochromic ink.

The lengths of wire we can use with a 9V battery:

  • ~ 4 meters of the 0.3 mm wire
  • ~ 5 meters of the 0.4 mm wire

A 9V battery is not really the ideal option since it would drain out really fast when we use 300 mA., but we also need the higher voltage. I think we need to use a bigger LiPo or NiMH battery (7.4V or 11.1V).

Emmi working on the shape of the dress.

6 thoughts on “Defensive Dress Progress

  1. 9volt batteries does have it problems, specially if it’s in high use. I’ve noticed it starts to behave weirdly when the load is quite high. So it might not be very usable in your dress in a long run. Maybe you should consider some recharging 9-12volt batteries?

  2. i like how in the second video, the yarn turns almost instantly black when you open the window. it’s one of the advantages of having a fridge outside!

    it looks like it’s progressing well and you have plenty of options to hide batteries, etc. by the way, are you using this thread:
    i saw some in the workshop when i was there…

    • I haven’t seen that thread anywhere. I only saw the thin and thick versions. Not the extra thick. All the conductive threads I’ve found at the school have too much resistance. Did you see it at Media Factory?

      That thread you linked would actually have been better than the resistance wire we are using now. It has roughly the same resistance as the 0.4 mm wire, but it would be a lot softer. I don’t think we have time to get it though.

      • There’s this small amount of the thick thread. Its still intact in a little plastic bag from sparkfun. Or theres actually two of those. But I don’t know if there thread enough for you. But you could try it. It’s now in the cardboard box in costume designs workshop.

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