Dancer control construction progress

Monday, we finally got the joystick and buttons in the mail.

Joystick surgery

I’m really happy with the look and feel of the joystick and arcade buttons. One of the four directions wasn’t clicking every time, so I did a little joystick surgery. It is satisfying to be able to take apart a component with a few screws then immediately see how it works and how to fix it.

Control box 1

Here is the first control box. We still need to do the wiring inside.

Fabricating the pressure points

Thanks to the other class members who helped me get these plastic eggs out of their chocolate packaging. Each of these will be a vibration/light module to give directional impulses to the dancer.

2 thoughts on “Dancer control construction progress

  1. oh, i bet is was hard to convince the others to help you “unwrap” the plastic eggs! :p

    the control box is looking very nice. did you decide to embroider the actual wearable? there are also often some quite nice pre-fab embroidered patches and woven ribbons if you can sift through all the teddy bears and roses at the sewing shops.

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