Chips and Salsa



Some progress with the electrodes has been done! From left to right: base unit, electrode, ground electrode. Ali from Media Factory soldered the tiny SMD’s to the board (like a boss). We still need to attach the resistors and capacitors and some copper before we can test it out.

The PCB’s were designed in Eagle CAD according to [1].

[1] Y M Chi, P Ng, E Kang, J Kang, J Fang and G Cauwenberghs. Wireless Non-contact Cardiac and Neural Monitoring. Wireless Health 2010.

4 thoughts on “Chips and Salsa

  1. can’t wait to see what kind of readings you get from this and how much “control” you have over the colours in the hat.

  2. Forrest: the components for the circuit were around 25 euros per electrode and 5 euros for the ground electrode. That’s not including the resistors, capacitors and PCB’s which we got from course materials/mlab/DeFa.

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