Sewing components

I was talking with Carmen about how to attach the piezo elements to the sound gloves, and we were trying to remember the name of an embroidery technique used to attach mirrors to saris.  Well, it turns out it’s “Indian Mirror Stitch” (duh) or “Shisha Stitch”.

Here it is in one of my projects:

Google “shisha stitch” and you’ll find all sorts of instructions and variations.

Of course, if your components have wires sticking out of them, you can twist these around to make them sewable, but you can also solder “crimping beads” onto them.  Buy either silver, copper, brass or gold crimping beads from good jewellery supply stores – the solder won’t stick to cheaper metals.  A good size to buy is 2mm.

For tips on technique, google “LED sequins”…

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