Course schedule

Here’s the course schedule with some information what’s happening and when.  You can also download it as pdf from here.

    • 26-28.9 First meeting, forming the groups, getting to know each other.
    • 24-28.10 Technical training week:
      • 24.10 Lilypad
      • 25.10 xbee
      • 26.10 electronics theory & optimization
      • 27.10 own work, testing lilypad & xbee etc.
      • 28.10 Presenting your idea to others, gps, data sources, hints to work on your own.
    • 31.10-3.11 Meg Grant as a guest teacher.
      • Presenting you work to Meg.
      • Working on your projects, tutoring from Meg, Tomi & Jukka
      • 2.11. General lecture given by Meg Grant, possibly a mini workshop.
    • 14-16.11.  Tutoring the groups, giving advices, solving problems etc.  General lecture possible if there’s some demand.
    • 21-23.11. Possible to book tutoring times
    • 30.11-2.12. Finishing the projects, future for the projects, preparing for final demonstration
    • 5.12. Final demonstration at Muu Gallery.